Coronavirus Testing FAQs

Why Does the Coronavirus Test Cost Money?

Unfortunately, the NHS is unable to commercially operate a service where they are able to test everybody who would benefit from the knowledge of if they have been infected or not. The NHS are able to conduct some tests and they will deploy these in a manner that they see as most effective. However, during these unprecedented times we are really pleased to be in a position where we are able to offer reliable at home testing which people themselves are able to purchase to relieve the financial stress that is being applied to our NHS.

How Accurate is the Coronavirus Antibodies Test?

The sensitivity of the antibody IgG test is 100% and the specificity is 97.5%.

What Does Sensitivity Mean?

This is the measurment of the possibility of a false negative result. As the IgG antibody test has a sensitivity of 100%, anyone who takes this test 14 days following the onset of symptoms will not be given a negative result.

What Does Specificity Mean?

This is the measurment of the possibility of a false positive result. As the IgG antibody test has a specificity of 97.5%, if 1000 people took the test who were not infected with coronavirus only 25 test results would be have been reported as the member has the disease when actually they didn't.

Is the Antibody IgG Test Officially Accredited?

Yes, the test is both CE and FDA approved. Millions of these tests are being shipped to laboratories all across Europe to be used in the frontline to track the spread of Covid-19.

Does a Positive Test Mean I Am Immune?

The million dollar question! The concrete answer to this question is currently unknown. As the virus is relatively new, there is still more testing and research required to confirm. Which means that having the antibodies does not necesarily mean you are 100% immune. However, with the above said it is likely based on how the body behaves in relation to other similar viruses that immunity is likely, atleast on a temporary basis. Therefore, a positive result does not remove the requirement to adhere to the governments advice and social distancing, hand washing and isolation practices should be upheld.

All of our tests are carried out to the highest standards in an NHS accredited laboratory

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