Keep your workforce ready for whatever life throws at them.

Have your employees checked to ensure they are healthy and happy. 

Here at Evergene we understand that no organisation is the same. Therefore, we can tailor packages to fit every organisations needs.

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Fill out the enquiry form below and within 24 hours one of our client managers will be in contact with you to discuss what Evergene has to offer in more detail and answer any questions you may have.


Based on the needs of your organisation, our registered medical professionals will recommend a package to suit your requirements. Offering informative health solutions at clear and affordable prices. 

Convenient Testing

We offer a range of services, from tests that can be carried out in the privacy of your employees own homes or an in office session carried out by one of Evergene's trained healthcare professionals. Results are provided in an easy to understand informative report along with expert health advice. 

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