Airborne Allergies Self-Testing Kit



Allergen-Specific IgE Antibodies

( All inhaled allergens, including Dust and Dust Mites, Pollen, Pet hair & skin, etc)

Airborne Allergies Self-Testing Kit

  • An allergy is an exaggerated response from the immune system to a substance such as dust, pollen, pet dander or mold.


    Airborne allergies come from allergens that are carried through the air and around 1 in 5 British people suffer from an airborne allergy.



How it works


Order your test online. We will then send your kit to you in the post.


Everything you need will be in your kit. When you're done, use the free-post envelope and pop it in a Postbox. 


Your sample is tested in one of our NHS accredited laboratories.


Your easy-to-read results are reviewed by a qualified clinical healthcare professional and are emailed in a few short days.

All of our tests are carried out to the highest standards in an NHS accredited laboratory

Your data belongs to you and we take it very seriously to ensure you have complete control of it